Memorial donations have been received in memory of the following:

  • Alexander Cormack
  • Blanche Pedersen
  • Evelyn Harland
  • Millie Cormack
  • Garrett Morrison
  • Graham Rutherford
  • Harold Gordon
  • Irene Perry
  • Kelly Shreenan
  • Lois Morrant
  • Randy Pike
  • Rodney Rhinehart
  • Virgil "Bud" Scott
  • Walter Harbidge


TRHF wishes to extend our gratitude to YOU – family and friends who have donated in memory of a loved one.
Your gift will be used to enhance health services in OUR rural communities. Thank YOU!


*If a memorial donation has been made in your loved one’s name  and they are not on the list, please contact to have it added.

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put in giving." 
--- Mother Teresa ---

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